Friday, January 27, 2012

Harvest Swapmeet at the Food Garden

This season we have been having our monthly swapmeets at the new Daylesford Community Food Garden on Albert St next to the Library.

Swaps take place during the monthly working bee for the garden so we have the advantage of doing a spot of weeding and planting at the same time.

These two events go together perfectly because we can plant any left over seedlings that people may bring or compost any of the left overs.

 This month we harvested a whole heap of potatoes from the food garden during our working bee so these were handed out with all the other gorgeous offerings from people's home garden.

 Gardeners made a little retaining wall out of pruned fruit tree sticks.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

2011 / 2012 Swapmeet dates

Dates for this summer / autumn

Dec 10
Jan 14
Feb 11
Mar 10
Apr 14
May 12

Harvest swapmeet will now be held at the Daylesford Community Food Garden (Albert St Site, next to the Library). This will be co-inciding with the working bee so we can now swap, garden and eat all at the same time! BYO thermos, picnic rug, tools, and of course harvested goodies.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

December Swapmeet

We started out the swapmeet this season with an unsually cold day (after all the warm and wet weather) but some substantial produce is already making an appearance. As the rain has been continual and we haven't needed to remember to water the garden we saw plentiful lettuce, early spuds, borage everywhere and lots of yummy broad beans.
Also swapped were excess tomato seedlings, kale seedlings and horseradish new season sproutings....
We're looking good for a plentiful season!!
See you at the Januay swapmeet on Saturday 8th.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

New swapmeet dates for 2011

Swapmeet dates for this season are finalised!

We kick off with a December swapmeet at 10am on....

11 December

2011 dates are:

8 January
12 February
12 March
9 April
14 May

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

April swapmeet

Locals braved the rainy (but beautiful) morning to turn up to the April swapmeet with Autumn goodies.

This months stars were the Jerusalum artichokes from Christine. I still have half of them left waiting to join some parsnips in a soup, and also some to go in the ground after I find a safe home for them...

Chestnuts started to make an appearance and silver beet persevered!

Also quickly snapped up were cherry tomatoes, spuds, beetroots, spring onions, cucumbers, yellow capsicums, broccoli, apples, quinces ....

Meg and Ginger get acquainted!

Dave takes home his collection...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I've just set up this blog so I have somewhere to post pictures of all the great looking produce that people have been bringing to the swapmeets lately.

Daylesford Harvest Swapmeet is held at Perfect Drop, 5 Howe Street in Daylesford. We meet once a month on the second Saturday during the warmer months of the year. This year we have two more swapmeets coming up. The next will be on Saturday 10th April, followed by the last for this season on Saturday 8th May.

We kick off at about 10.00am and usually sit around sipping coffee until at least 12.00pm (well, I do anyway).

Bring along any excess vegies you have, herbs, cut flowers, seeds, seedlings etc. We are also very keen for people to bring in their preserves, jams or anything similar that they have made with their home produce.

Kids are always welcome, and now that Perfect Drop has a new sandpit they will have plenty to do!

Thursday, March 18, 2010