Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I've just set up this blog so I have somewhere to post pictures of all the great looking produce that people have been bringing to the swapmeets lately.

Daylesford Harvest Swapmeet is held at Perfect Drop, 5 Howe Street in Daylesford. We meet once a month on the second Saturday during the warmer months of the year. This year we have two more swapmeets coming up. The next will be on Saturday 10th April, followed by the last for this season on Saturday 8th May.

We kick off at about 10.00am and usually sit around sipping coffee until at least 12.00pm (well, I do anyway).

Bring along any excess vegies you have, herbs, cut flowers, seeds, seedlings etc. We are also very keen for people to bring in their preserves, jams or anything similar that they have made with their home produce.

Kids are always welcome, and now that Perfect Drop has a new sandpit they will have plenty to do!

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  1. hi there lindy, no doubt you already know about the meeting for a future community food co-op. yippee! dovetails nicely into the harvest swapmeet don't you think? if you need to find deets for the meeting, or any one else who's interested in attending needs to, and so as i can web link all these cool things happening in our shire, follow this link.